Monitor, Analyze and Optimize your cash flow

Get an aggregated view of all your bank accounts and collaborate. Know your cash flow today and tomorrow instantly.

The Best Cash Flow Management & Forecasting Platform For Businesses and Non-individuals

Shootih watches over your business

Analyzes your cash details and alerts you to things that actually matter.

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Aggregate data across multiple bank accounts
  • Identifies idle cash in your account and shows various investment opportunities.
  • Allows you to see net cash flow month over month, year over year.
  • Ask questions to your accountant, finance team

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Visualize cash flow health and predict future expenses and income
  • Cash in-flow, out-flow, and balance forecasting
  • Look at the upcoming expenses, and prepare accordingly

See Shootih in action

Expense and Income Classification

  • Shootih will learn your expense categories and classify your transactions.
  • Ability to manually add, remove, update and modify categories
  • Understand data at an aggregated level with the ability to drill down.

Reporting and Collaboration

  • Visualize your cash flow information and analyze your company’s performance.
  • Add comments, questions, or remarks for transactions
  • Make it easy for your Finance Managers, Analysts, CFOs to work together.