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Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered

Once you have made an account on Shootih using your email address and PAN No., you can complete the company’s e-sign up on your portal. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the “drop-down arrow” at the top right corner near your company’s icon.
  • Go to Profile settings.
  • Click on Company Details at the top left corner.
  • Add Company’s Name
  • Add Registered Phone Number
  • Add Registered Email ID
  • Add Date of Incorporation.
  • Click on “Users” to add people who can access the portal. You can add details like their email address and phone number as well as their role – authoriser or executor.


Authoriser is the only person who is allowed to add users and deactivate a user. Also, only the authoriser can approve the Mutual Funds transactions.

The executor is the person who can execute the Mutual Funds transactions. However, the investment will only be completed once it is approved by the Authoriser.

To add a bank account:

  1. Login to Shootih.
  2. Go to the “Add Bank Account” option.
  3. Add your bank account details and click on “Add”.

Go to bank accounts and choose whichever bank account you want to choose.

To change your details-

  1. Go to profile settings.
  2. Choose personal details
  3. Change the details.
  4. Click Save.

To restore the lost information, drop us an email at help@shootih.com and we will help you restore all the information you need.

To change the password for your account –

  1. Go to the login page
  2. Click on Forgot Password.
  3. Enter your current password, enter your new password, enter your new password again.
  4. Save password

    To change the role of authoriser or executor-

  1. Deactivate the user.
  2. Add him/her again as a different user.