We Make Mutual Fund Investment For Businesses Easy

We make mutual fund investment for corporates accessible, online and cost effective. We give personalised AI based recommendations and timely notifications for you to make the investment efficiently and easily every time you have idle funds.

Our clients have made over 25 Lakhs by investing their idle business cash over weekends for a year!


Diversify. Don’t just follow the crowd.

Our mutual fund investment platform for businesses allows you to diversify your portfolio through contingency funds, growth funds and liquid funds depending on your funds requirements, risk appetite, goals and growth plan.

Whether it’s long-term investment or parking your idle fund for just a weekend, we give you recommendations and help you invest in just a few clicks.

Our Mutual Fund Partners

Invest. Reap. Repeat.

We are the best mutual fund investment platform for small
and medium-sized businesses.

Don't Trust Anyone But Yourself With Your Hard Earned Money.

We ensure all your transactions and data are encrypted and secured. So what is yours remains yours. We are ISO 27001 certified, so there is no room for mistakes.


Say No To Broker

We charge 0% enrollment fee and 0 advisory charge. Every penny you make, you deserve.


No Paperwork Needed

Tired of the endless paperwork and the non-stop to and fro with your broker? Open an account on this mutual fund investment platform for corporates within minutes.


Analyse Different Mutual Funds Easily

From past performance and financial figures to holdings, this mutual fund investment platform analyses and helps invest in the mutual fund that meets your needs within clicks.


We Will Live Up To Your Trust

When we talk shop, we ensure safety, security and reliability. Our mission is to offer you safe and secure investments.